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International Conference on Materials and Characterization Techniques 2014

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(1907-1909) Structural, compositional, and optical properties of electrochemically deposited Cu2S thin films

B. Bharathi, S.Thanikaikarasan and K.Ramesh

(1910-1912) Chromium (III) nanoparticle synthesis using the biosorption and bioreduction with Bacillus subtilis: Effect of pH and temperature

Kanakalakshmi Annamalai, Anjali Mohan Nair, Sukumar Chinnaraju And Shanthi Kuppusamy 

(1913-1915) Investigations on structural and optical properties of CdS films fabricated by spin coating technique for optoelectronic applications

I. Rathinamala, J. Pandiarajan, N. Jeyakumaran, N. Prithivikumaran 

(1916-1919) Structural, Morphology and Optical studies on ZnO Thin film prepared by sol-gel technique

T.Marimuthu, N.Anandhan and M.Mummoorthi

(1920-1922) Deposition Temperature Influenced Structural and Optical Properties of Copper Nickel Oxide Thin Films

A. Sreedhar, M. Hari Prasad Reddy, S. Uthanna, J.F. Pierson

(1923-1925) Synthesis and Characterization of Nanostructured PbS Thin film

Laxmi J. Tomar, Piyush J. Bhatt, Rahul K. Desai, Bishwajit S. Chakrabarty

(1926-1928) Influence of Dopant Concentration on the Properties of Aluminium Doped Zinc Oxide Nano Structured Thin films

M. Senthamizhselvi, N. SankaraSubramanian and S. Rajathi

(1929-1932) Synthesis and Characterization of Zinc titanates by Solid state reaction

Budigi Lokesh, S. Kaleemulla, and N. Madhusudhana Rao 


Structural, optical and magnetic properties of Ni- doped SnO2 thin films prepared by flash evaporation technique

M. Kuppan, S. Kaleemulla, N. MadhusudhanaRao, N. SaiKrishna,M. RiganaBegam, D. SreekanthaReddy 

(1936-1938) Effect of annealing on structural, optical and magnetic properties of Fe doped In2O3 thin films

N. Sai Krishna, S. Kaleemulla, G. Amarendra, N. Madhusudhana Rao, M. Kuppan, M. Rigana Begam, D. Sreekantha ReddySung Ha Park

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