ICMCT-2014 [March 1012 March 2014] SPECIAL ISSUE.

International Conference on Materials and Characterization Techniques 2014

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(1739-1742) Study on the Influence of Nanoadditives on Surface roughness of newly synthesized Magnesium Alloy during Turning operation

K. Ramadoss, R. Elansezhian 

(1743-1745) Determination of complex permittivity and shielding parameters in microwave frequency range using resonance and transmission based techniques

Bashaiah Sindam, Jinu Jacob George, K.C.James Raju

(1746-1748) Structural, Raman and Infrared properties of V2O5 and (MoO3)x- (V2O5)1-x composites

Ch.Prameela  and K.Srinivasarao

(1749-1752) Investigation of Mechanical Properties of AA8011/PP/AA1100 Sandwich Materials

K. Logesh, V.K.Bupesh Raja 

(1753-1756) Effect of tool rotational speed on Friction Stir Welding of AA6061 and AA7075

V. Gokuul, M. Ragavendran, R. Naresh, V.S. SenthilKumar

(1757-1759) Effect of concentration of nano-Al2O3 on mechanical and dielectric properties of plasticized poly(vinyl chloride) nanocomposites

Pravin N. Nikam and Sunita M. Pawde 

(1760-1762) Carbon Paste Electrode based on Neutral Red Functionalized Graphite as an Amperometric Sensor for Hydrogen Peroxide

K. Thenmozhi and S. Sriman Narayanan

(1763-1765) Single Crystal XRD Studies and Physical Properties of Potassium Ammonium L-Tartrate Crystals

S. Karthick, A. Albert Irudayaraj*, A. Dhayal Raj, S.Tamilrasu, R.Vinayagamoorthy

(1766-1770) Potential of Metal Reactive Oxides for Development of 4H-Silicon Carbide-based Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Gas Sensor

Way Foong Lim and Kuan Yew Cheong 

(1771-1774) Thermoelectric Studies of MgCuZn Ferrites

 W. Madhuri, M. Penchal Reddy, N. Rama Manohar Reddy, K.V. Siva Kumar

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