ICMCT-2014 [March 10–12 March 2014] SPECIAL ISSUE.

International Conference on Materials and Characterization Techniques 2014

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Title of Paper and Names of Authors
(2069-2072) Novel Gas Sensor Using Nano Crystalline Zinc Oxide Matrix Deposited By Jet Nebulizer Spray Pyrolysis Technique

 N.Manjula, G.Selvan, VS.Vidhya, M.Jayachandran

(2073-2076) Characterization studies of tin oxide/porous silicon heterojunction in view of optoelectronics application

J. Pandiarajan, N. Jeyakumaran and N. Prithivikumaran

(2077-2079) Effect of Charcoal as Cathode Material on the Morphology of Highly Ordered TiO2 Nanotube Arrays

Shibu Joseph, P. Sagayaraj, T. Manovah David, C. Ramesh

(2080-2082) Alternative Characterisation Techniques for Stability of Nanofluids

A.L.Subramaniyan, J.Sabareswaran, S. Lakshmipriya, M.kotaisamy, R.Ilangovan

(2083-2085) Synthesis and Characterization of Multiferroic BFO Nanoparticles by Auto-combustion Route with Various Complexing Agents

Sanjay Godara, Nidhi Sinha and Binay Kumar

(2086-2088) Synthesis and Characterization of Polymer Matrix Nanocomposite for Implants

A. Ratnakar, S. Vivekanandhan, A. Pavitra, P.V .Gnaneshwar, Ashwin V Raj

(2089-2092) Synthesis, characterization and optical properties of Co3O4 by Precipitation method

 K.Agilandeswari and A.Ruban Kumar

(2093-2095) Synthesis, characterization of PEDOT nanofiber and electrochemical sensing property of Resorcinol

S. Munusamy, R. Suresh, K. Giribabu, R. Manigandan, S. Praveen Kumar, S. Muthamizh, A. Stephen and V. Narayanan

(2096-2098) Structural Properties Of Lead Titanate Nanoparticles Prepared By Wet Chemical Route

V. D. Kapse, A. U. Bajpeyee, P. A. Murade

(2099-2102) DC Conductivity of Al–Doped Zno Prepared By a Simple Technique

P. A. Murade, V. D. Kapse, A. U. Bajpeyee

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