ICMCT-2014 [March 1012 March 2014] SPECIAL ISSUE.

International Conference on Materials and Characterization Techniques 2014

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Growth and characterization of tris thiourea zinc nitrate: An organo metallic single crystal

J. Kishor Kumar, S. Gopinath, G. Anand, S. Kalainathan, S. Kumaresan


Spectral, Second Harmonic, Third Harmonic and Thermal analysis of Phosphorous acid admixtured L-Alanine Crystals (PALA)

R.Jothimani, P. Selvarajan, H.Alex Devadoss


High-Quality Crystal Growth and Characterization of Organic Nonlinear Optical Crystal Dast

J. Arul Martin Mani, V. Joseph, D. Anbuselvi, P. Sagayaraj


Modelling of physical phenomena on Si melt during crystal growth process by Directional solidification method

M. Srinivasan and P. Ramasamy        

(1588-1591)  Synthesis, single crystal growth, spectral, optical and luminescence studies of stilbazoliumiodide crystal: EESI 

 K.  Senthil, S.Kalainathan, A.Rubankumar,


Z-can studies and LDT analysis of an organic single crystal: 1-(4-Nitrophenyl) pyrrolidine

 M. Nirosha, S. Kalainathan


Anti-Solvent Crystallization of Lactose Single Crystals from Alcohol-Aqueous Solution at different concentrations

 P. Parimaladevi and K. Srinivasan


Electrical, mechanical properties of organic-inorganic hybrid of zinc iodide complex with Schiff based ligand

K.Shakila, S.Kalainathan


 Non-destructive characterisation of Ni doped La0.7Sr0.3MnO3Perovskite manganites

 P.Thamilmaran, M.Arunachalam, S.Sankarrajan, K. Sakthipandi,


DFT Studies on 2-amino-7-bromo-5-oxo-[1]benzopyrano [2,3-b]pyridine-3 carbonitrile

S. Premkumar, A. Jawahar, M. Kumara Dhas, A. Milton Franklin Benial

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