ICMCT-2014 [March 1012 March 2014] SPECIAL ISSUE.

International Conference on Materials and Characterization Techniques 2014

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Half-metallic ferromagnetism in Fe and Co doped cubic Zinc Oxide: Theoretical investigation of electronic, ground-state and magnetic properties

 K. Vignesh, G. Jaiganesh and K. Prem Nazeer

(2201-2203) Preparation and Magnetic Properties of Exchange Coupled Nanocomposite of SrFe12O19 and Mn0.5Zn0.5Fe2O4 

T. S. Shahid, G. Govindaraj


Photoluminescence and Photoconductivity Studies on Pure and Aluminium Doped ZnO Nanostructured Films

T. Ganesh, S. Rajesh and Francis P. Xavier


Synthesis of Zinc-Copper Nano-Ferrite and Characterization of their Structural, Electrical and Magnetic Behaviors

Shwetambaram, AnujJain, Z.Vakil


Antimicrobial activity of Chitosan Coated Iron Oxide Nanoparticles

C.Narendhar, S.Anbarasu, S.Divakar, R.Gunaseelan, Vasanth Sundaram, G.Gopu and S.Sandesh 


Analysis of Electric Relaxation and Polaron Conduction in
Nano-sized SrFe12O19

N. S. Krishna Kumar, T. S. Shahid, G. Govindaraj

(2216-2219) Effect of Ti doping on the structural and optical properties of tin oxide nano particles

K. Sakthiraj, K. Balachandra kumar 

(2220-2222) Preparation and Characterization of Copper Oxide Nanoparticles

K. Nithya, P. Yuvasree, N. Neelakandeswari, N. Rajasekaran, K. Uthayarani, M. Chitra  and S. Sathiesh Kumar 

(2223-2225) A study on Gallium substituted cobalt ferrite nanoparticles by coprecipitation route

Gayathri.S., Kalainathan.S. 

(2226-2228) Growth and Characterization of L-Phenylalaninium Acetate (LPAA) single crystals under Conventional method

K.Mangaiyarkarasi, A.T.Ravichandran

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