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International Conference on Materials and Characterization Techniques 2014

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A Study on the Growth and Characteristic Properties of aSemi organic NLO material: Sodium Chloride doped Glycine Crystals

S.Vijayakumar, P.Srinivasan, S.Dinagaran, D.Buvaneshwari

(1677-1680) Synthesis, Growth and Structural aspects of DCTZ single crystals

K.Showrilu, A.Baskaran, A.Pugazhenthi, K.Rajarajan,

(1681-1683) A simple and facile route to synthesize anatase/rutile mixed phase TiO2 nanofibers with superior photocatalytic performance

Lavanya Thirugnanam, Satheesh Kaveri, N. Victor Jaya, Mrinal Dutta

(1684-1686) Study on Wear and Friction Characteristics of Brake Rotor made of A359- B4CP Composites

S. Mohankumar, R. Deivasigamani

(1687-1689) Structural, morphology and ionic conductivity studies on compositeP(S-MMA)-ZrO2 Polymer electrolyte for Lithium Polymer battery

M.Ramachandran , R.Subadevi, Fu-Ming Wang, Wei-Ren Liu, M.Sivakumar

(1690-1692) Conductivity studies on PMMA-Methanesulfonic acid based proton conducting polymer electrolytes

C. Ambika, G. Hirankumar, S. Karthickprabhu, R. S. Daries Bella

(1693-1695) Short beam Shear strength measurements of Glass fibre reinforced Epoxy Nanocomposites modified with Graphene Oxide interfaces

Subin Mohan, L Bhanuprakash, Subash C K and Soney Varghese

(1696-1698) Characterization of Calcium Sulfoaluminate Cement

Madan Mohan Reddy.K, Srimurali.M, Bhaskar.M



Origin of Stable Critical Current Densities to High Applied Magnetic Fields in Ceria Doped YBCO Superconductors

P. Missak Swarup Raju, S. Pavan Kumar Naik, N. Devendra Kumar,

T. Rajasekharan, V. Seshubai 

(1702-1704) Excitonic effects in bulk CuBr using Time Dependent DFT

Dilna Azhikodan, Sangeeta Sharma, Tashi Nautiyal

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