ICMCT-2014 [March 1012 March 2014] SPECIAL ISSUE.

International Conference on Materials and Characterization Techniques 2014

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Growth and Characterization of NLO active Glycine Lithium
Sulphatesingle crystals

A. Chitra, S.Arulmozhi, J. Madhavan and M. Victor Antony Raj


Synthesis, Growth and Characterization of pure and magnesium doped triglycine zinc chloride single crystals

D. Prasanna, B. Premkumar, S. Kumaresan


Growth and Characterization of L-Isoleucine based nonlinear
optical single crystals

P. Geetha, S. Arulmozhi, J. Madhavan and M. Victor Antony Raj


Synthesis, Growth, SEM and Microhardness studies of an organometallic single crystal: TMTM

K. Sendil Kumar, V.Ramesh, K.Rajarajan


Growth, structural and optical studies of 4- methoxybenzaldehyde ThiosemicarbazoneZinc Chloride

 E. Kavitha, S. Selvakumar and J. Madhavan


Growth, Optical and Thermal properties of MFCTC single crystal

 V. Ramesh, K. Sendil Kumar, K. Jagannathan, D.V. Sridevi, K. Rajarajan


Vibrational spectroscopic and quantum chemical investigations on L-Arginine Perchlorate single crystal

R. Kirubagaran, S. Ezhilarasi and J. Madhavan 


Crystal Growth, Optical and Dielectric Properties of CMTC Grown by Gel Technique

P.Nisha Santha kumari, S.Kalainathan, K.Shakila, T.Sivanandan 


Studies of Growth Parameters of ZTS Crystal Grown by Gel Technique

Kiran T Rathod, I B Patel and C.F.Desai 


Enhancement of second harmonic generation efficiency: Growth and characterization of La3+ and Nd3+ doped Metanitroaniline single crystals

 P. N. Jegan Mohan Dass, J. Madhavan and S. Pari

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