ICMCT-2014 [March 10–12 March 2014] SPECIAL ISSUE.

International Conference on Materials and Characterization Techniques 2014

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(2039-2041) Spectroscopic studies on Li2O–Nb2O5–SiO2:V2O5 glass ceramics embeded with nano ferroelectric crystals 

Ch. Srinivasa Rao, T. Srikumar   and N. Veeraiah

(2042-2044) Synthesis and Characterization of 1-thioglycerol capped CdSe and Cu (copper) doped CdSe nanoparticles at Room Temperature

D.J. Vidhya Raj, J. Mary Linet, S. Jerome Das

(2045-2047) Photovoltaic Properties of Graphene-TiO2 Nanocomposite

Kailash R. Nemade, Sandeep A. Waghuley

(2048-2050) Room temperature synthesis, structural and optical properties of CdSe nanoparticles

M. Penchal Reddy, W. Madhuri, I.S.S.K. Rao, I.G.Kim and R. Ramakrishna Reddy

(2051-2053) Influence of Co Doping on structural and Optical properties of SnO2 Nanoparticles

K.Subramanyam, N.Sreelekha, G.Murali, G.Giribabu, R.P.Vijayalakhmi

(2054-2056) Chitosan – silver nanocomposite for biosensor application

E.A.K. Nivethaa, V. Narayanan and A. Stephen 

(2057-2059) Electrical Conductivity and Thermal Expansion Measurement of Nanocrystalline Aluminum Reinforced with Functionalized Multiwall Carbon Nanotubes

Manjula Sharma, Hemant Pal and Vimal Sharma

(2060-2062) Carbon Nano Tubes Actuating Implantable Medical Devices

Fredrick Johnson.J, Karthick.M, David Roshan.C, Vignesh Kumar.B, Raghul.D.R, Sathiesh Kumar .S, Gopu.G

(2063-2065) Magnetically separable, visible light improved, Photocatalytic activity of TiO2/ CoFe2O4/SiO2 Nanocomposite

Manoj B Kale, Sathiyanathan Felix, V. Velmurugan


(2066-2068) Electrochemical study of Al doped MnO2 Nanorods Over Stainless Steel Substrate

S. Shanthi and S. Ravi

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